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S&P colloca in “positive outlook ” il credit rating della valuta locale brasiliana


Il Brasile migliora ancora la capacità di ripagare i suoi debiti  e nonostante i detrattori la nota della valuta brasiliana è collocata in ” outlook positivo ” da S&P . E nessuno può più dire che l’Agenzia di rating S&P ha perso la sua autorevolezza ,  dopo aver avuto il coraggio di dichiarare il downgrading degli  Stati Uniti d’America . 
Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) — Brazil’s local-currency credit rating is being reviewed for an upgrade by Standard & Poor’s, which cited the country’s economic stability.
The rating was affirmed at BBB+, the third-lowest investment grade, S&P said today in a statement. S&P also kept the positive outlook for Brazil’s BBB- foreign-currency rating, the lowest investment grade.
“The positive outlook reflects the growing likelihood that the factors supporting Brazil’s macroeconomic stability will continue to strengthen in coming years,” S&P said.
Developing nations including the Czech Republic and the Philippines were upgraded in the past three months on improved economic and fiscal outlooks. In Brazil, the government’s net debt fell to the equivalent of 39.7 percent of gross domestic product in June from 48 percent at the end of 2005, showing an increased capacity to repay debt.
“Good long-term growth prospects — combined with improving external liquidity and deepening local capital markets — could bolster the government’s capacity to manage sudden adverse changes in global economic conditions,” S&P said in the statement.
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